DMA appoints DQM GRC for its specialist knowledge on data compliance

Published on Monday, October 31, 2016 - 18:26 by Peter Galdies

In line with the DMA’s drive for the highest standards and a responsible approach to data-driven marketing, the company has launched an updated compliance audit which provides additional assurance to member organisations which source and manage data on a large scale. The compulsory audit also reinforces the importance of only working with DMA member companies.

The external audit process is designed and owned by the DMA, but executed by DQM GRC as an independent third party auditor who have been appointed to ensure that the process is independent while utilising their in-depth specialist knowledge of the data processes and the data industry.

The DMA’s compliance team will continue to conduct the initial compliance assessment and work with the external auditor on any further follow-up required. Upon successful completion of the audit DMA membership will be confirmed.

Christine Andrews, MD of DQM GRC, comments“We believe all successful organisations will treat data as a valuable asset. In today's data-driven world it is vital for companies to not just use their data effectively – but to ensure the data acquired and held by the organisation is being managed in a compliant and responsible way in line with the DMA's code of practice”

Rachel Aldighieri, MD at the DMA, added: “In an increasingly connected world, data forms the backbone of many businesses. Customers need to be able to trust that any data a company has on them will be treated in the correct way and that any business is being transparent about how they want to use that information. The updated compliance process ensures that DMA members continue to work to the highest standards and that membership remains a badge of accreditation that can be trusted in a data-driven world. Using an independent third party brings specialist knowledge in this area and ensures objective scrutiny so that the audit process is as stringent as it needs to be.”

You can find out more about these audits on the DMA's website here.

DMA Compliance Audit