DQM GRC wins the "Best Privacy by Design" Award at the 2019 DMA Awards

Published on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 09:17 by Cameron Troake

“Innovative and refreshing”… “The whole approach was outstanding”…"I have almost fallen in love with GDPR”  - WarnerMedia 

Earlier this year WarnerMedia challenged us to create a privacy programme that would bring the global privacy regulations to life in a way that could be transformed into applicable, everyday actions, and proactively resulted in real change to new and existing practices.

WarnerMedia is one of the world’s largest entertainment corporations. It views Privacy by Design as part of its global vision, and its leadership team understood that Privacy by Design not only comes from senior management, but from every innovator and project participant. They wanted to ensure their highly creative teams were baking privacy into the organisation’s products and services right from the start of a project lifecycle.

This was no mean feat, and introducing new technologies alone was not enough to solve this challenge - WarnerMedia realised that changing employee mindsets towards privacy was the crucial first step in this process.

We rose to the challenge and developed a programme of experiential learning frameworks using props such as lemons, Playdoh and blindfolds to illustrate how to approach the technical concepts of privacy regulation. This engaged its highly creative professionals’ most valued skill: their imagination.

The programme was engineered to involve the individuals through practical activities that took privacy off the page, made it creatively engaging and allowed professionals to think about the concepts in the context of their everyday jobs and current projects. It encouraged employees to view privacy as a creative challenge, and to help teams from across different functions understand each other’s perspectives.

Initially, it was piloted in WarnerMedia's London offices. However, the organisation was so inundated with recommendations and requests to attend the programme that it made the decision to roll it out globally, making privacy a positive sum benefit to the entire corporation.

This programme has not just impacted one project. It has affected how WarnerMedia operates and thinks about privacy at a universal scale. It has set the organisation on the path to become an industry leader on Privacy by Design which will influence every customers’ perception of the corporation and give it a leading competitive edge.

What WarnerMedia's Privacy by Design programme attendees have said so far:

"I have applied the different concepts in my everyday work life... ...this [programme] has been inspiring."

"This course was innovative and refreshing. The approach on how we should protect the data of our users and how that will generate a great value on our products was quite new for me."

"This has helped me to ensure I change my focus on the internal products, and make sure privacy is at the heart of our designs."

On Tuesday 3 December, it was revealed that this revolutionary programme has won the “Best Privacy by Design” Award at the 2019 DMA Awards

With 65 judges and hundreds of entries from the most prestigious organisations in the industry, we are thrilled to announce that our hard work with WarnerMedia has come top at this year’s DMA Awards.

Announced on the evening of the 3 December in London, “Privacy time with blindfolds, Playdoh and lemons” was revealed to be the category winner for this year’s “Best Privacy by Design” award.

Rachel Aldighieri, MD at the DMA, said: “Every year the DMA Awards showcases the amazing work completed by talented individuals and teams across the data and marketing industry. This year’s entries have really hit the mark and exemplify what a successful campaign should be – creative and strategic while delivering remarkable results. It is fantastic to see the wide array of skills and talent displayed by this year’s entries, showcased through the amazing work they produce on a daily basis.”

Are you interested running our award-worthy Privacy by Design programme for your organisation?

Centred around active discussions and team-based activities (involving lemons, playdoh, and blindfolds), our learning-by-doing programme makes privacy training fun and ensures teams in every function develop a Data Protection by Design attitude.

To find out more about how we can help your organisation develop by Privacy by Design mindset, call us now on 01494 442900 or complete our enquiry form:

DMA Awards 2019

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