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The GDPR Toolkit

GDPR RADAR AssessmentRead more

  •  Detailed assessment shows your readiness
  •  Priority and high-risk actions identified
  •  Accelerate your compliance programme

DPO SupportContact us

  •  Ongoing support to answer your questions
  •  DPIA & risk Assessments
  •  Policy writing & business process
  •  Data breach and SAR support

GDPR RegTechRead more

  •  Consent & permission management software
  •  Customer preference centres
  •  Privacy management software

GDPR TrainingRead more

  •  Standard & bespoke e-learning modules
  •  Tailored face-to-face sessions
  •  Stakeholder engagement & education

Data MappingContact us

  •  Understand all your personal data processes
  •  Document your assets and processes
  •  Assemble your “article 30” records
  •  Discover your 3rd party relationships

Managing 3rd PartiesContact us

  •  Data processor security assessments
  •  Supplier due dilligence
  •  Data monitoring of 3rd party feeds
  •  DSAR response testing

Data Subject Rights TestingContact us

  •  DSAR process & response testing
  •  Change of data request testing
  •  Right to erasure request testing
  •  Compliance monitoring of communications
  •  Data loss/breach identification

Data InvestigationContact us

  •  Calculate consent lifetime
  •  Quantify re-consent strategy
  •  Data quality assessment and improvement


Take our free online GDPR self-assessment

Compliance with the GDPR is not optional but a neccessary requirement for continued communication with your customer and prospect audiences. With little time remaining before the law will be enforced the time for action is now.

This straight-forward 12 question self-assessment will not only indicate where your organisation faces the biggest challenges but will give clear advice what you can do about them.

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